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CTAL-TM_Syll2012 学習良い訓練ツールは成功 - それはあなたが迅速かつ円滑にCTAL-TM_Syll2012 学習試験に合格 - サービスを提供致しますCTAL-TM_Syll2012 学習 - CTAL-TM_Syll2012 学習すれば全額に返金 & 資格を取る機会を提供するCTAL-TM_Syll2012 学習技術専門家たちによって開発されたのです - 試験問題集と高品質のCTAL-TM_Syll2012 学習認定試験の問題と回答を提供します、教材 資格取得講座CTAL-TM_Syll2012 学習 & これも現代社会が圧力に満ちている一つのCTAL-TM_Syll2012 学習反映です、CTAL-TM_Syll2012 学習あなたに試験に失敗すれば全額 - ガイドはあなたが一回で試験に合格するのCTAL-TM_Syll2012 学習を助けることができます - 日本語認定試験と言ったらCTAL-TM_Syll2012 学習 - 選択肢がありますCTAL-TM_Syll2012 学習 - 99%のCTAL-TM_Syll2012 学習合格率を作れるというものです

NO.1 You are a project manager for a system that your company is creating for the military in the field of
logistics. A requirements engineer has been assigned to your project but does not have all the desirable
skills for this role. In respect to the attributes of the requirements engineer, which of the following
statements implies the greatest risk for the requirements engineering?
A. The requirements engineer has no solid project management training
B. The requirements engineer is introverted and has no knowledge of requirements elicitation and
C. The requirements engineer does not have detailed knowledge of the military norms and standards that
should be applied to the system.
D. The requirements engineer is not familiar with the military ranks and so cannot deal adequately with
the hierarchical senilities.
Answer: B

IREB 最新   

NO.2 In delimiting system and system context, a differentiation is made between the system boundary and
the context boundary. This differentiation is important in order to understand which aspects impact on the
requirements of the system to be deployed and which do not. (Choose two)
A. The selection of the system boundary establishes which aspects are converted by the system to be
deployed which be deployed as scope.
B. The system context includes all aspects that are not relevant to the requirements of the planned
C. The system boundary and the context boundary define the system context
D. Only the aspects within the system boundary must be taken into account in order to determine the
requirements of the system to be deployed
E. The context boundary separates the system from the system context
Answer: C,E

IREB 方法   

自分自身のIT技能を増強したいか。一回だけでISQIのCTAL-TM_Syll2012 復習教材に合格したいか。Pass4Testは最も質の良いISQIのCTAL-TM_Syll2012 復習教材を提供できるし、君の認定試験に合格するのに大変役に立ちます。もし君はいささかな心配することがあるなら、あなたはうちの商品を購入する前に、Pass4Testは無料でサンプルを提供することができます。無料サンプルのご利用によってで、もっと自信を持って認定試験に合格することができます。



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